Join the community in breathing life back into Evergreen. We all know, even our parents and bosses, that our current culture is unhealthy and unsustainable. The awareness is there, especially at Evergreen! Our community needs the opportunity to embody the shift. Let’s draw from the radical roots of Evergreen to step forward into a new era with clear intentions. C’mon, the narrative of co-operation/collaboration /holistic/integral is rising. Many of us, and those around us, are stepping away from the dominant culture. Let’s celebrate and amplify the actions of our community/team in their acts to redefine what is, and cultivate space for cross-pollination and co-operation.

red-square-from-library-entranceThe OurStory tab contains a growing collection of historical events/documents of Evergreen and highlights of graduates who have taken on roles redefining our dominant culture: permaculture, activism, and so on.

All of our Meeting Notes can be viewed on that tab; transparency for what we have done.


Group norms are a type of civic technology that provide a community with a platform/structure to set intentions. What are your goals, agreements, and assumptions? Norms provide us a structure from which to work. Intentions or awarenesses can be woven into group norms to assist in a goal and provide reference.

Goals: Help us establish them


1. Step up, Step back (with your listening and speaking)
2. No one knows everything, together we know a lot
3. It’s okay to move or get up
4. Be inclusive


-we all know our dominant culture is unhealthy and unsustainable. We’re leaving it behind.
-we desire a more collaborative, co-operating, intergal, holistic life.
-to make this happen we’re going to have to use different tools and behaviors than the ones we have now.


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