wonderful promo vid created by Souki.
The intention of this assembly was to hold space for dialogue relevant to building student power, to investigate and better understand the health of our community from our (students’) perspective, and to begin building a strategic long term plan for improving student experiences at evergreen.
Last GA participants identified themes relevant to them and our community – in the context of participation, student power, and our identity as Greeners. Those ideas became working groups:
– Governance/ Levers of power
– Education / Curriculum
– Student Health Services
– Food / Sustainability
– Student Spaces / Police on campus
Here are notes from the last GA. The document is open to everyone. This means you can add onto what is written. In black are additions, resolutions, and thoughts to the content in blue. So if you have something to add please do.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zc5Kz3lmTmCl0yLfXDCi32eJj4VyhFXsMJ_qexrvckU/edit


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