T H A N K S    T O    A L L    W H O    A T T E N D E D !!!

Here are the notes and shots from the evening:

Groups represented: APIC (Asian Pacific Islander Coalition), DEAP/Permaculture: SOS (Developing Ecologically Aware Practices) , CIRAL (Civic Intelligence Research and Action Lab), Flaming Eggplant, Community Gardens, Aramark, CEC (Clean Energy Committee), RAD Residential Assistants, CFC (Campus Food Coalition), MESA (Masters in Environmental Studies Association), Food Not Bombs, Young Roots/GRuB, “Food, Health, and Sustainability”, “Practice of Sustainable Agriculture”, “Popular Uprisings”, “Alternatives to Capitalism”, “Making Effective Change”, Dirty Hands Arts Collective, Student Coalition for Exempt Staff Union, MEXA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Atzlan), BSU (Black Student Union), WashPIRG, Real Food Challenge.

Intentions/Interests: sustainable business development, alternatives to Aramark, “gardening, kids, and education”, more community and club interaction, social justice, pre-med ecology, fracking, student coalition for exempt staff union, bicycle commuter groups, making public health matter.

2 minute group updates, struggles, and vision shares:

JESSE + ZACH = interns at RAD and Aramark

They want to see Aramark work under more sustainable clauses, want to connect with workers at Aramark, want to effect purchasing power, want to be sure our food system is in line with the values of the college: social justice, sustainability, and community. Bringing in the Real Food Calculator will be an important switch to support.

ZOE + NICK = Campus Food Systems Working Group

Made up of student, staff, and faculty trying to look at the bigger picture of sustainable food; it is currently dissolving, leadership is moving on, but a new group is mentioned in the Aramark contract, and so they need new members!

= Flaming Eggplant

They’ve have recent changes in the organization of the collective. They encourage folks to apply to work! They currently need a lot of feedback and are feeling very disconnected to the community. “What do students want?!” Eggplant could be involved in creating and facilitating a community space in LIB 4300. ‘

IZZI = Food Not Bombs

Free food to people! They cooked during Fall and Winter, serving food on campus, they continue to serve weekly downtown. Their main idea remains: weekly potlucks on Red Square. They are re-organizing right now and would love involvement: olyfoodnotbombs@gmail.com

CORRINA + DAN = Young Roots

A part of GRuB, who responsible for 26,000 backyard gardens. YR will be workshops taught by Evergreen students to youth in Olympia: food, growing, music, consciousness, with the idea of offering children solutions before problems even present themselves as issues. Its mainly a summer program, but there’s potential for a year-long teaching experience! youngroots@goodgrub.org

CORA = GRuB Intern

Event May 17th! 9-11:30am! At GRuB! Learn more about current programming!

IAN + NICK = Community Gardens

There are still free 12’x12’ plots available, more will free up in the summer time and you don’t need prior experience to take one up. They meet Sundays at 3pm. May 22nd is a “serenity space” with the Writing Center!


They’re currently working with a lot of mushroom cultivation and medicinal herbs. They’re planning a workshop with the Olympia Mycelial Network; recently presented to the Board of Trustees and someone is making a documentary about them. They are working on/would love to work on building a community kitchen space. They invite anyone to come hangout, learn about permaculture, get their hands dirty M-Th, 12-3:30pm. They’re presenting at the Science Carnival, Saturday June 1.

BEN + ZACH = Campus Food Coalition

The CCBLA is now home to an official Thurston County Food Bank Satellite, 4-6pm Tuesdays. They invite folks to donate fresh produce to the food bank, it is currently only non-perishables. They meet 3-5 Wednesdays in the CCBLA. They’re interested in working on a self-operation plan in time for the changed “Request For Proposal” (RFP) in 10 years. (Change in food contract.)



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