David is a certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute and Stuart Heller’s Five Rings Coaching Institute.  He is a certified international trainer of Nonviolent Communication and a teacher and practitioner of Aikido for 30 years. He offers individual coaching, workshops and classes designed to help his clients develop their abilities to self-direct, self-generate, and navigate through the complexities of life with greater clarity and integrity. He leads trainings locally and around the world—in his community, schools, prisons, and communities on four continents.
David draws from 35 years experience as an entrepreneur and artisan. As a respected Master Goldsmith he helped to create Green Karat, an organization which tackles the environmental hazards of the gold industry by promoting recycled, post-consumer gold and stones. David is currently a board member and co-founder ofPeace Dojo International. This is an organization that works for peace and justice by means of self- mastery and community service with the martial arts as its medium. He co-founded Peaceworks Productions, a company that produces benefits for environmental and political non-profit organizations. In addition, David serves as Executive Director of Community Artworks, an organization devoted to helping community leaders manifest their dreams through the practice of fully embodied skills and actions.

David and his wife Judith co-founded an intentional community, where they have raised their family over the past twenty years. They have devoted their adult lives to practicing community, committing themselves to an integrated and intentional way of life.

All of Weinstock’s work is based on building our connection to one another and to nature. He is committed to building our capacity to value what each of us brings to the circle so we can reclaim community and value diversity so we can sustain life on this planet.


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