Hi Folks,

Thinking about this from a meta perspective, thank you for participating in this experiment – this is all new territory. Winter quarter is almost over and spring is approaching, we’re looking to refine the direction of Revival, making it more: transparent, participatory, relevant for our community, and giving it teeth’n claws (making shit happen). Thinking global while acting local (and internally).

We’d love it if you joined us at the Library Lobby couches at 7:30pm Thursday night to plan this Sunday’s Gathering. 

Several current interests are to:

– Create a Revival committee to spread out leadership and direction

– Plan and hold a community forum at the beginning of Spring Quarter

– From here on out we will utilize a “minutes” system for each meeting to minimize cyclical meetings and increase transparency.

– Explore a collective impact model

Below are notes from our brainstorming.

Photos by James Hibbs 🙂


Student Guide to Evergreen:
– Where the Planned Parenthood is and other reproductive information
– How to use Research librarians and databases
– How to get various proficiencies (media, wood, metal, photo land, microscope)
– History of Evergreen and counter-history of evergreen
– A power map of school bureaucracy (with example questions and who you would go to to ask them)
– List of various unknown resources in each building…a kind of “Did you know that….”
– Resources by category and interest, not just building
– How to get foundation activity grants
– How to pick classes with strong influence of faculty
– How to use SUMMIT and interlibrary loan
– Why the CCBLA is awesome!
– Accessibility resources
– ROSETTA STONE! Language support models (using EF kids, classes, TESCcrier dinner language shootouts)
– The Evergreen Outdoor Program
– S&A breakdown — how it works, realistic time commitment, cool examples
– Yearly RSO achievements for inspiration and pride(with community critique if it was present!)
– How to make an ILC and examples
– More info on finical aid, jobs, scholarships etc. (in on WRITING CENTER)
– How to find books in library

DSC_0621Food on campus:
– Warren Wilson College has entirely student run food services. The food is produced on their own farm.
– Students need a place to congregate.
– Use 4300 as a satellite of eggplant for school wide cafeteria.
– Soup Club: members get food handlers permits and serve food.
– Possibly collaborate with Food Bank, also donations. Run as Co-op

Student Handbook:
– List of free campus resources.
– Student Research resources.
– A map of the forest with beach, tree houses, rope swing, etc.
– Student testimonial on programs, professors, etc.
– Breakdown of finances so you know what your paying for and what you should receive.
– List of services.
– Intro to student government.

4300, Community Center:
– Student Organization. Ask for S&A funds for extra dishes, microwave, free recycled furniture, or made in woodshop/metal workshop.
– Free store.
– Area for an open Mic.
– Small library/free books.
– Available instruments, guitar, drums, etc. Open Late!

– Find out RCW law for “lowest bidder” and assess access toward food sovereignty for Evergreen
– Note: Wilson College in North Carolina – student cafeteria
– Opt-in fee: have to say yes
– Opt-out: vote-yes-all pay-can later not pay
– Vote for student opt-out fee fort eggplant
– Host more events/workshops
– Charge money for hosting workshops
– Why is The Eggplant in debt???
– Student food provider included in meal plan?
– Opt-in option for students to redirect S&A fees into Eggplant so they can move to LIB4013!




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