Masao Sugiyama, beloved faculty member  died on November 13, 2012

Editor’s Note: Recently, Loren Petty of the Masters in Teaching program sent the following note to the MIT alumni about the death of Masoa Sugiyama.

The faculty and staff of the MiT program are sad to inform you that Masao Sugiyama passed away last night. He sustained significant brain injuries last week as a result of a fall. Throughout his time in the hospital, Masao was surrounded by family and friends who loved and supported him.

We will miss him dearly! We are deeply grateful for the compassion and support he always offered you, his students. He was your constant and vocal advocate, frequently telling us that you were the best teachers in the state. We will remember Masao for his deep commitment to equity, his humor, and his honesty.

Masao demonstrated his commitment to increasing diversity in the teaching profession by creating the Teacher Education Programs Diversity Scholarship for MiT students. If you care to make a donation to this fund in Masao’s name, please view ways to give on the college website. We plan to dedicate the next newsletter to Masao so if you have stories, pictures, or message to share, please send them to me (pettyl@evergreen.edu) or Sherry (waltons@evergreen.edu).The Mendoza-Sugiyama family thanks you for your loving thoughts at this time.Best wishes to all of you,
Loren E. PettyReaders: Do you have fond memories of Masao?  Share your thoughts by commenting and we will pass the comments on to Loren and Sherry for possible inclusion in the newsletter.


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