1. Creation of a “Hub Club”: group of folks working solely on bringing people together

2. Creation of “The Network”: a network of networks – weaving. Importance of holding a physical space with free food and literature 24/7

3. Working with Media Island and Food Not Bombs

4. Curriculum Task Force: need for better documentation of student learning

5. Awareness building/connecting of Evergreen and other organizations, ex: March 16th is 10 Anniversary of Rachel Corrie

4. Creation of  Jewish Community group on campus, a safe space to talk about Israel/Palestine issues

5. Vagina Monologues: Vag Fest: inspiration + thoughts = social change. Sarah Moses-Winyard is doing a contract on female gender empowerment and puppetry!

6. Creating Performance spaces for various art forms: film, video, dancing, etc. supporting all mediums of expression, political and social change included

7. Student Gallery can be used as a message platform, located in the 3rd floor of the CAB

8. Capital City Collective: a warehouse space available downtown for arts related events

9. Workshop: solidarity action art project, Palestinian Solidarity Day, Wednesday November 14th, Arts Annex 2109, 2:30pm

10. Highlight the irony of our political state, poster campaign, resist wars in Iraq and Iran

11. Create a faculty, staff, student event/social gathering for each quarter

12. Work around Grand Jury Resisters and International Women’s Week (March 4th-8th)!


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