(notes typed up by Kaye)
Here are some very rough notes of what my group was talking about, there’s a lot more random info (that probs only makes sense to me since there is no form of organization) on the larger sheet of paper that was on the table which I just don’t have with me aee-tee-em…Socio- Enviro Justice!What we mean/ Definition:
We are living with a history of an oppression of each other, and out environment.  We view humans and nature as separate, and that humans are somehow above nature.  We also see nature as being feminine, thinking that it’s ok for the masculine human to exploit the land and create industry leading to the different social structes of capital accumulation.  Therefore we see a need to analyze the different power structures, to decolonize the mind, to create alternatives, to reconnect with nature, and informed action. 
Ways in which our community can support– Numbers/Bodies; having numbers of people show up to show support
– using each others resources
– having some sort of research team on hand
– creating some sort of organizational manner to inform others, outreach, use each others resources, etc.
– more popular education get togethers
– A group of like-minded people collaborating!
We talked about loads more, of course the conversations strayed in a bunch of different directions if you need more I can get it to you later in the week


Creating Safe Community – notes

(Notes typed up by Dante)
CASIV-provided 18 workshops for freshman 
Consent-for freshman, deconstructing rape culture
Currently: providing peer advocacy, trained/ing? with safe space, & networking 
Goal: provide training for teachers/faculty in creating safe place and facilitation
Keeping administration accountable to promises, invite them to see it as an opportunity
“What feels safe to one may not feel safe to others”-variance and accessibility
Sexual Misconduct Response Network (SMRN)
Targets v. Agents people who create policy & those who are forced to live by it
Develop Ally-ship
Deconstruct our foundations/behavior
-Identifying the dichotomies  
What does Healthy Communication look like?
Puppetry-performance -circus : making consent /communication fun
Create workshops in this group & other groups & classes
Three target groups
-students w/ an awareness/experience of the value for safe space.
-students who are not aware, haven’t been invited in, don’t know, aren’t looking 

Community Connection/Awareness/Centrality

 (Notes compiled from Celi’s memory – LEO! Please add.)
– idea to create an event that strategically invited everyone in the community, it would have:
dancing, food, music, workshops, etc.
– it would focus on a universal understanding shared by everyone, such as the idea that everyone wants to “play”
– we can support each other in figuring out how to turn our values and intentions into endeavours
– at this event, everyone would be able to see and witness each other
– possibly a gathering that happened every quarter 
We know that the focus group on Food/Aramark/Self-Operation did a lot of great talking but didn’t leave behind written notes. Any way you all could share in this email stream some of your thoughts, conclusions, and trajectories? Ben, you possibly took notes? That would be so swell. 
We also want to acknowledge that a focus group about Alternative/Education was designated as a topic, but Brett ended up holding the space alone. Please keep these ideas in mind for future discussion if you didn’t get the chance to explore them last Sunday! We can/will definitely find ways that this issue is a part of the other focus areas. 
All Encompassing Thoughts
What is our Vision
Community Forum
Network Club
What is endeavoring/how do we endeavor?
-the learning process/experience
-shared vision
What holds us/builds us?
A network club?
The power of inclusivity/endeavor 
Sharing of tools

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