Sixth Email

A quick reminder of the event 21.8.2012

Morning 😀



Fifth Email
After a handful of revival meetings with only a few folks, mainly friends, we sent out an email to everyone that we had talked in person to about the revival -Sent to Personal Contacts- 8.8.2012

Aye, yip-yip! Hello Friend-Allies!

Join the community in breathing life back into Evergreen. We all know, even our parents and bosses, that our current culture is unhealthy and unsustainable. The awareness is there, especially at Evergreen! Our community needs the opportunity to embody the shift. Let’s draw from the radical roots of Evergreen to step forward into a new era with clear intentions. C’mon, its 2012-2013–consumer capitalism is falling–the narrative of co-operation/collaboration/holistic/integral is rising. Many of us, and those around us, are stepping away from the dominant culture. Let’s celebrate and amplify the actions of our community/team in their acts to redefine what is, and cultivate space for cross-pollination and co-operation.
On Sunday (the 21st) folks from across the community will gather to carry forward this revival! Let’s share a meal–get to know each other–and figure out what this will look like? How could the community back you up (and your project or crew)? How could you and your community partake? What resources/information/collaboration are you hunting for?
Did we mention…Burrito themed potluck!–a free wall to play with– and friends!
October 21st, Sunday  (two weeks from now) @

2420 Bush Ave NW, Olympia, WA 98502

In love & solidarity,


Fourth Email

Checked in with my Advisor, Kandi, a chance to decompress. -Sent to Kandi- 11.7.2012

Good Afternoon Kandi!

Hope you’ve been enjoying summer!
As for me, mine has been all over the place, between holding down a full time volunteer position and trying to play as though its summer. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in Oly during the week time in a while. So I wanted to give you an update with where the festival is at and to draw once more from the well of wisdom that is Kandi-B–I’ve got a question if you don’t mind.
Festival Update:
– we held an interest meeting/potluck on August 3rd. Eight folks showed up. We established a tentative core group. And began to express are own understandings/dream of the project. Additionally, we read over the draft mission statement, goals, agreements, and theme together.
– There was a lot of discussion about the name of the event, how to work backwards in terms of building a calendar, and what “getting people involved” will really look like.
– It seems that people need a little more time to digest the topic and think about the resources at their hands. Everyone was eager to have another dinner soon to do further planning. This will most realistically happen in mid-september.
Our big A-HA’s were:
-that the festival is secondary to building a “Year of Revival” a coalition theme or some thing that engages in the act ofreviving the radical narrative of Evergreen. You know how this year according to the UN its the year of the cooperatives? We could use help in moving in that direction!
-A language shit to that of building the narrative/culture of collaboration. We have two curves, as one diminishes the other grows. One is the narrative of capitalism, the other is that of collaboration. Some will claim that this sinking boat is ‘all good.’ Others will jump the wave. And others will hospice the dying culture/narrative. Before it comes to an end lets plot/build the next boat.
-we won’t be waging fingers. Our role will be that of the trickster, who holds up a mirror for those to reflect–with a swish of the hand it becomes a window, allowing the viewer to see forward–and with a final swish of the hand it becomes a door, one that we walk through.
Below is a conversation that i’ve started with the founder of a facilitation group. What are your thoughts for getting them to engage with Evergreen teachers. I’ve already begun a tentative conversation with folks from the President’s diversity fund. Perhaps it could be part of their diversity series.
I’ve got a summer camp that i’m already late to, but i’ll be giving you a call.

Third Email

One idea was to line the revival up with classes and teachers so we sent out  this email -Sent to Various Teachers with Classes that Might Fit- 6.19.2012

Hello Artee,

My name is Dante, I’m a student at Evergreen. This summer, a few peers and I have begun to plot out a festival. Essentially, we want it to be a call to action, drawing upon the understanding that we all know our culture is unhealthy and unsustainable. We are looking for ways to integrate the festival’s message throughout our community, and the year, to create a potent climate for the actual festival and celebration. I’m relatively new to Evergreen and know that I haven’t met you yet. This email is to simply get my foot in the door and to begin a possible conversation with you. If you have time, please read the attached outline of the festival and let me know what you think, honestly let me know. Through perusing next year’s catalogue I came across your class and can already envision various overlaps and interactions.

Thank you for your time.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Additionally, if you are really stoked about this we’ll be gathering at my house on August 3rd for a dinner and to push this forward!

Second Email

After talking to each other and talking to folks across the campus we tossed ideas back and forth making our language and intention accessible -To Each Other- 13.6.2012
Our Theme:
is anti capitalism-the alternative. breaking the consumeristic mindset. if
we are going to resist we must provide the alternative. Space to create
sustainable social actions/lifestyle/economic/ & so on. It will be fun!–at
times when most people watch TV we’ll play games. When most people go
shopping we’ll make it our selves. Experiences that embody the creator and
not the consumer.

What is one thing/experience that all must have-an initiation-an

we need a mission statement–goals & agreements–a synopsis of possibility.
of what we are and ways folks can interact.
-cooking classes provided by local farms, food education.
-community activities- perhaps they are political–trash running with jesse
-Direct action
-movie showings
-secret cafe’s


We need a team to make the historical connections. to learn from what
evergreen has done and remind us of the precedence that they have set and
what they have attempted.
we need a team to make connections with the various communities of
evergreen: with teachers, with the student groups, with the olympia
community, with speakers from a far.
Within that we need specific people that could provide programming/ that
can provide anti consumeristic experieicnes.
we want to make space for those that have come through evergreen to share
with us what they are doing now to combat the capitalistic system.
we need a team to take on throwing an epic dance experience. music that
we need to make political action a fun past time. an after school activity.
we need to identify a clear point of direct action. something that a lot of
us can do May 1st? what is an issue that is evergreen universal

First Email
As a first email, we contact the community with an open invitation. -TESCCRIER-  2.6.2012
Hey Folks,
Its with great excitement and curiosity that we invite you, who are
interested, to pull together a spring festival of sorts–
At this point I think every knows that things are fucked from all points of
reference: politically, economically, environmentally, socially,
spiritually, and so on. With that, the premiss of this festival is a
celebration, acknowledging our responsibility to take personal and
collective action! Many of our classes, here at Evergreen, highlight and
address issues of such oppression and dysfunction, leaving many (& speaking
from personal experience) with a sense of guilt, that truly needs to be
acknowledged as a lack of responsibility–for me it only makes sense to
create space for us to take action. If you are curious please join us on
this coming Thursday, July 5th at 5pm in the lobby of the Library. We want
to revive the narrative of Evergreen as a radical school for change by
acknowledging: Evergreen’s historical context, where we are now, and how we
will step into the future. This festival will be a celebration of us coming
together as a community, deconstructing systems of oppression, and taking
direct action.

We need your presence to make this beautiful.

This is a preliminary meeting in which we will begin to conceptualize and
structure the festival.
General questions are (I know we’re missing some):
-What will the themes be?
-Who will be included?
-How will folks be able to engage with the festival?
-What elements will we provide?
-What will lead up to the festival?
-What will happen afterwards/ what will we be left with?

In the fall we hope to build a strong coalition and apply for funding.

Thursday, July 5th at 5pm in the lobby of the Library

Izzi & Dante


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